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Sonova Mask Clip

Have you received a Sonova mask clip with your purchase of a Phonak or Unitron hearing aid and don’t know what to do with it? Check out this clip for a tutorial!

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Today’s Little Nugget: Managing Our Fears

Have you ever had a situation where what you feared about a thing was so much worse than it actually was?  Like you made up stories in your head about how bad it was going to be?  You thought up of all the worst case scenarios and just dreaded doing that thing you knew you had to do?   I sort of had a similar

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Remotely Programming a Piano Session one Monday Morning

So I just finished a remote session with one of my patients. She had been telling me that she was experiencing a bit of distortion in the sound quality when her husband played piano in the living room. We scheduled a remote session to try and figure out which pitches the problem was occurring in. This morning before our session, he practiced as a warm

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2020 Holiday Thoughts

First, I would like to wish you warm, happy, and healthy holidays.  I wish you all that your heart desires (and is good for you in the New Year). I do want to talk about something that is somewhat off my usual hearing health topic, but it is important. I really feel the need to share my thoughts. I’ve been seeing many come in over

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“Normal” For My Age

The other day, after going over a patient’s audiogram, she paused and asked me the most common question I hear at my audiology clinic in Lawrenceville, New Jersey: “but is this normal for my age?” I’ve had many patients come in and ask me if their hearing loss was “normal” for their age.  I hear this question a lot, actually.  Many assume that they have

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Face Masks Degrade High Frequency Sounds

Masks decrease high frequency speech sounds (which are critical to speech understanding) by 5-10dB, depending on the kind of mask that is used. If you wear hearing devices, you may need a manual “mask program” that compensates for the decreased speech signal while in public settings. If your hearing devices are bluetooth compatible, you have the ability to make changes from the mobile app yourself.

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Summer Sun, Sand…and Broken Hearing Aids

As we are enjoying these beautiful summer days, we want to make sure to provide a few hearing device reminders, in the event you too are running into these issues. Warm, humid summer days result in hearing device failure for several reasons: You have more wax build-up in your ears. Remember your outer ear canals actually have sweat glands that aide in wax production. Warmer

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A Gift

When your patient brings you a necklace just because “It’s something you would wear”. And she’s absolutely right! Grateful for the beautiful relationships cultivated in our office ❤️. To my gifter: you know who you are. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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The Little Things

Today, I saw a patient of who had trouble hearing her husband for the last few weeks. I was able to remove wax that had clogged her ears and get her hearing devices up and running again. Towards the end of the appointment, she sat quietly for a few minutes, and then asked “Are those birds I’m hearing outside your window?” “Yes,” I replied. As

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We Now Know What It Feels Like To Have Hearing Loss

https://www.insidernj.com/we-now-know-what-it-feels-like-to-have-hearing-loss/?fbclid=IwAR1vi8SAMC7sY-LpErd6JVzzxhdT78uISJOwPtgkXWwxkxqZRj8ipzWO5rQ The other day I waited my turn as I dutifully stood six feet away from the checkout counter.   The sign at the cashier read: “Please wait until you are asked to checkout.”  The masked cashier, standing behind plexiglass, looks up and says something to me that I could not understand..  “I’m sorry, would you like me to place my items on the counter?”

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More on Masks and Hearing Loss

We will do whatever it takes to help people hear better. “Visual hearing” is real, folks. Those with hearing loss rely on speech reading just as much as they do on hearing devices. While protective masks provide a layer of safety for our health, they create a communication barrier for those with hearing loss. One patient mentioned how hard this is- not entirely knowing if

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Wearing a Mask with Hearing Aids

As we find ourselves required to wear masks in public, those who wear behind-the-ear hearing aids may be at risk for losing them as they remove their masks. Just like removing glasses, flipping off a hat or hood, or removing a scarf are examples of how hearing aids can go flying off the ear, removing masks can easily flip a hearing aid off the ear.

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