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Remotely Programming a Piano Session one Monday Morning

So I just finished a remote session with one of my patients. She had been telling me that she was experiencing a bit of distortion in the sound quality when her husband played piano in the living room. We scheduled a remote session to try and figure out which pitches the problem was occurring in.

This morning before our session, he practiced as a warm up and she told me she heard the distortion.

We had him play the same songs and I was able to narrow down the pitches that had to be adjusted in her music program and the distortion went away.

After her session ended, I was thinking about a few things. I was thinking about how something good came from something seemingly difficult. Remote sessions really weren’t a thing before the pandemic. As practitioners, we have always believed that the best care was in person care… I kind of have a different perspective now.

Getting access to my patient situationally at home really made it easier to address the issue where it was occurring- which was in her home, not my office. We were able to see each other’s faces, hear one another clearly, and make the adjustments necessary. There are perks to this whole thing and I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on that. Silver linings, friends. Silver linings.

Technology and circumstance can be so beneficial when we allow it to be, and appreciate and use it for what it is!

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