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woman with hearing aid

What kind of hearing loss do I have?

As practicing audiologists, we understand that being diagnosed with hearing loss can be overwhelming and worrying, especially when you don’t have enough information about what kind of hearing loss you have.  It can be worrisome to be diagnosed with hearing loss, but understanding the type of hearing loss you have will make it easier to find the right treatment and improve your quality of life.

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whiteboard tinnitus

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus, a persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears, affects millions of individuals worldwide. Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) emerges as a promising solution, focusing not on silencing the noise but on reshaping your perception of it.  Developed by audiologists Dr. Pawel Jastreboff and Dr. Jonathan Hazell, TRT combines counseling and sound therapy to help individuals manage and habituate tinnitus sounds. Success Rates of Tinnitus Retraining

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What are the first signs of tinnitus?

Learning about the first signs of tinnitus is key to getting an accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment. Oracle Hearing provides tinnitus evaluations in Lawrenceville, NJ. Do you ever hear noises in your brain like roaring, buzzing, hissing, or ringing? Do they bother you during the day or keep you up at night?  Tinnitus is the term for hearing such noises. While many people

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ears professionally cleaned

Is it good to get your ears professionally cleaned?

Do you need to get your ears professionally cleaned? Oracle Hearing provides professional ear cleaning and earwax removal in Lawrenceville, NJ. In the right amounts, earwax can be good. In fact, it has lubricant and protective properties to help keep the ears and their environment healthy. However, too much of something is never good. As earwax travels from the interior of the canal outward, the

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custom earmolds

Custom Earmolds Designed for Your Ear Buds

No two ears are alike, not even the two on your own head! For this reason, sometimes “factory standard” size earbuds don’t fit and an audiologist might have to take an ear impression of your ears to make custom sleeves or custom earmolds for your earbuds. Do eartips change sound quality? Yes, eartips can have an impact on the sound quality of earphones, including AirPods

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how can you improve your hearing

How can you improve your hearing?

Hearing is a key aspect of human communication. Through hearing, we can hear the sounds in our surroundings. We gather, analyze, and interpret sounds without conscious effort just like blinking or breathing does. So how can you improve your hearing? Cliche as it may sound, preventing hearing loss is one of the best ways to improve your hearing. Once the hearing is damaged, it can

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custom sleeves for airpods

Why Get Custom Sleeves For AirPods?

Have you considered getting custom sleeves for AirPods? If you have tiny ear canals like me, it’s easy to have your AirPods get loose and pop out of your ears, sending you into a panicked frenzy searching for them! One of the most frustrating things about wearing AirPods or earbuds is not having them stay in place, especially when you multitask, walk around, or try

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March Brazil 2023 Hearing The Call Humanitarian Trip, sponsored by MrBeast Brazil 2023 – Clinic Day 1 (Part 1)

Before I begin, I want to mention what an honor it was to work alongside seasoned audiologists across the country and having the opportunity to learn from them still (I am forever a student).  In my hearing aid fitting room were Brandi, my officemate who is an audiology assistant and training to be a Hearing Aid Dispenser, and Al Turri’s high school daughter Gabriella, who

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Brazil (Brasilia) Humanitarian Trip March 2023 Day 1

Travel from NJ to Brasilia (the capital of Brazil) was no small feat.  We left for Miami on Tuesday to meet up with colleagues later that day so we could fly into Brasilia together on a red-eye, to arrive Wednesday morning.   Our mission was to carry in 120 hearing aids (generously donated by Widex), 300 receivers, hundreds of dome tips, batteries, and wax filters with

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Hearing The Call Humanitarian Trip To Brazil In 2023 Sponsored By MrBeast

In March 2023, the non-profit organization I am part of, Hearing The Call, was invited by @MrBeast, to fit 1000 people (globally) who are hard of hearing, with hearing aids.  Hearing The Call audiologists, in a span of days, were asked to rearrange their schedules, leave their families, and travel far and wide to achieve this goal.   Over the month of March (we call it

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signs of hearing loss

What are the five signs of hearing loss?

Hearing loss is the total or partial inability to hear in one or both ears. Hearing loss typically happens gradually over time. Some individuals overlook the early signs of hearing loss and find out about it in the later stages. About 25% of adults aged 65 to 74 suffer hearing loss, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). Age and

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Are cheap hearing aids worth buying?

When you first start looking for hearing aids, you might realize that some hearing aids are significantly more expensive than others, which could make you consider cheap hearing aids as an alternative. The question is – are cheap hearing aids worth buying? Hearing aids might look the same or, at the very least, quite similar to one another. However, if you test out two distinct

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