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Hearing Aids & Products

Oracle Hearing Center’s mission is to provide audiology and hearing healthcare services to patients of all ages. Our Doctors of Audiology are able to customize your hearing needs with the most advanced hearing aid products and technology.

It’s time to break free from the fear of missing out on conversations. It’s time to join the conversation with the right hearing aids and the expertise of our audiologists at Oracle Hearing Center.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are devices that improve a person’s ability to hear. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and can be customized to meet the specific hearing requirements of each user.

When programmed and fitted appropriately, hearing aids have the potential to make a significant improvement in the quality of life for persons who are hard of hearing. These devices can dramatically enhance your ability to communicate with members of your family, friends, and colleagues. 

Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aid styles 

Hearing aids are generally classified into eight styles. The following factors need to be considered as you choose the ideal hearing aid for you:

  • The level of your hearing loss
  • Physical dexterity and visual ability
  • Anatomical/medical factors
  • Listening preferences based on your lifestyle
  • Aesthetic
  • Budget

Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC)

CIC hearing aids, which are among the smallest custom hearing aids, are designed to fit completely and deeply inside the ear canal. They are designed for those with mild to moderate hearing loss and offer a high level of visual appeal due to the fact that they are practically undetectable while worn.

In-the-Canal (ITC)

ITC hearing aids are worn in the lower part of the outer ear. They offer a longer battery life than CIC versions and can house extra capabilities such as directional microphones for improved understanding in noisy areas. ITC hearing aids can accommodate mild to moderate degrees of hearing loss.

Invisible-in-Canal (IIC)

The most discrete custom-made hearing aids, known as IIC models, can be worn discreetly in or beyond the second bend of the ear canal. Hearing aids in the IIC category are targeted specifically toward those with a mild-to-moderate degree of hearing loss.

In-the-Ear (ITE)

Hearing aids that are worn in the ear are often customized by using a mold or impression of the ear as a basis for the fit. They are offered in a variety of skin tones so that they can blend in flawlessly. 

The full shell variants are designed to fit into the ear bowl in their entirety. Due to their size, they are able to accommodate a greater number of device controls and features, such as directional microphones. They utilize a larger battery size than the smaller kinds and can fit a larger receiver that has enough power for severe hearing impairments. Full-shell ITEs are recommended for mild-to-severe cases of hearing loss. 

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) devices can be worn behind or on top of the outer ear, and they have tubing or wiring that directs sounds down into the ear. An ear tip or earmold is connected to the BTE to ensure they are kept in place in the ear canal. BTEs come in a variety of sizes, each of which can handle a distinct set of features, controls, battery types, and power levels. Take note that larger hearing aids generally have more power than smaller ones. 

BTE With Earmolds

BTEs that come with earmolds can accommodate hearing deficits ranging from mild to severe. Their more elongated form is designed to follow the shape behind the outer ear, giving it the capacity to accommodate a variety of features, such as a program button and a volume control. 

Mini BTE With Slim Tube And Tip

Mini BTEs are able to quietly channel sound into the ear because they are designed to with extremely thin tubing and circuitry. The tubing and wiring are connected to a soft tip that rests in the ear canal without obstructing the canal in any way. The result is an impression of natural openness, brought about by the fact that sound and airflow enter the ear naturally. Mini BTEs are known to have an open fitting design and recommended for mild to moderate levels of hearing loss.

Receiver-in-canal (RIC)

The RIC types of small BTEs are distinguished by the placement of the speaker, housed in the ear tip as opposed to being housed in the main body of the hearing device. Hearing deficits ranging from mild to severe are suitable candidates for RIC equipment. When worn on the ear, this form of hearing aid has an appearance that is comparable to that of the Mini BTE.

Brands We Carry

Hearing aids are considered to be an investment, hence, choosing the right one entails thorough decision-making and weighing of pros and cons. Doctors Hearing Care is an authorized provider of major hearing aid brands known for their world-class performance and updated hearing solutions.

Phonak hearing aids

Phonak hearing aids offer top-tier hearing solutions with Binaural VoiceStreamTM, Roger wireless technology, and AutoSense OS. Phonak is known globally for producing hearing aids of the highest possible quality, and its products are available in more than one hundred countries. 

Oticon hearing aids

Oticon hearing aids are created with the intention of providing its users access to the complete sound environment. Because of this, the brain is able to operate in a manner that is more natural. Hearing aids manufactured by Oticon offer a variety of styles that support various levels of hearing loss.

Resound hearing aids

Hearing aids manufactured by ReSound use a proprietary method of reproducing natural sound called Organic Hearing. This method makes use of an individual’s unique ear shape to create a personalized,  more immersive and natural sound experience.

Unitron hearing aids

Unitron is a well-known and respected maker of hearing aids all over the world. The company was founded in 1964 in Canada. Unitron takes great pride in its long history of business success and its dedication to providing customers with high-quality goods that excel in terms of performance, comfort, and aesthetics.

Widex hearing aids

Widex has been at the forefront of improving the quality of life for those who struggle with hearing loss by developing breakthrough technology and providing world-class hearing solutions for nearly six decades. Currently, Widex zooms in on PureSound technology, which is designed to provide innovative sound processors that are powered by artificial intelligence.

Starkey hearing aids

Starkey is dedicated to providing the highest quality hearing solutions available, and numerous award-giving bodies have recognized the company for its work in this regard. Hearing aids manufactured by Starkey are designed by a group of hearing specialists and sound engineers using the most cutting-edge hearing technology.

Signia hearing aids

Signia belongs to WS Audiology, one of the most reputable and trusted manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. Signia hearing aids use cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking innovations to provide improved hearing performance.

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