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Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey is dedicated to providing the highest quality hearing solutions available. The brand has been recognized by a number of award-giving organizations in the hearing aid industry. Starkey is the sister company of famous hearing technology companies including Audibel, NuEar, and MicroTech.

Starkey Hearing Aids Awards 2022

  • 2022 Red Dot Design Award Winner – Evolv AI
  • 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Winner – Evolv AI
  • 2022 BIG Innovation Award Winner – Evolv AI

Starkey Hearing Aid Technology

Thrive Hearing Control app

The primary software that comes with Starkey hearing aids is called Thrive Hearing Control, and it is completely incorporated within the Evolv AI platform. You are able to make adjustments to the settings, take charge of the volume, and connect to other smart devices using the Thrive Hearing Control app. You may also use the program to keep track of your daily exercise activities and goals for improving your health and fitness.

Thrive Care app

The Thrive Care app makes it possible to monitor and share significant wellness data, including your activity level in terms of fitness and social interaction and hearing aid usage. This is best used with the Thrive Hearing Care app.

Relax Tinnitus Relief

The Starkey Relax app is a rich instructional resource that also acts as a self-management tool incorporated into the sound therapy regimen for individuals with tinnitus. Tinnitus can be treated with sound therapy, which involves playing sounds in order to lessen its volume or intensity. The Starkey Relax app includes a total of 12 unique soundscapes that were created with the intention of alleviating the symptoms of tinnitus.

Starkey Tinnitus Technology

Tinnitus and hearing loss are often experienced together. Tinnitus is a common symptom of hearing loss, which affects the vast majority of people. Because of this, tinnitus relief technology should absolutely be included in hearing aids.

Starkey’s Multiflex Tinnitus Technology may be of use to you if you have been diagnosed with tinnitus in addition to hearing loss. The effectiveness of Multiflex Tinnitus Technology in treating tinnitus has been demonstrated in clinical trials, and it is a well-established component of several sound therapies.

SoundCheck Hearing Test

You are able to access the initial steps in evaluating your own hearing with the use of your smartphone by downloading the SoundCheck Hearing Test app from Starkey. Through this app, you can determine whether or not the noises around you are safe to listen to by analyzing the sound levels that are present in your environment. You can also save the data and hearing scores so that, in the event that it is required, you can give them to your hearing care provider.

Starkey Hearing Aids 2022

Starkey Evolv AI

Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids have the highest level of Starkey Sound quality that has ever been achieved. This model uses AI that has been painstakingly developed to ensure that the sound quality it produces is genuine and accurate regardless of the listening environment. It is able to make up to 55 million personalized adjustments per hour, which enables it to adapt to your rapidly shifting requirements as you move between different listening scenarios.

The most groundbreaking hearing technology that Starkey has to offer is now accessible in a variety of different models thanks to Evolv AI. These models range from the most simple to the most advanced. Starkey Evolv AI minimizes the amount of noise energy by an additional 40% when compared to technologies that came before it. This helps make hearing easier, more comfortable, and effortless.

Starkey Livio

Starkey Livio hearing aids are among the most advanced and rechargeable hearing aids currently on the market. They are developed to work seamlessly with a broad selection of accessories and smart gadgets, including Apple and Android devices. Access hearing aid settings through the Thrive Hearing Control app.

Starkey Picasso

The Picasso hearing aids provide an unequaled level of convenience and clarity by flawlessly responding to the distinctive anatomical qualities of each ear. Its discreet and unique design delivers the most individualized and gratifying aural experience possible. Picasso hearing aids support wireless streaming and individualized tinnitus management.

Starkey Hearing Aid Accessories

  • TV Streamer
  • Remote Microphone+
  • Mini Remote Microphone
  • Remote
  • Table Microphone
  • SurfLink Mini Mobile
  • SurfLink Media 2
  • SurfLink Remote
  • SurfLink Remote Microphone

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