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Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak has invested over seven decades developing, manufacturing, and distributing hearing equipment that has the potential to improve people’s lives. Phonak is committed to the research and development of hearing aids that enrich the lives of its users and enable them to thrive socially as well as emotionally. Phonak believes that exceptional hearing encompasses more than just the ability to hear. Healthy hearing has been shown to have a significant correlation with improved levels of physical, social, intellectual, and emotional wellness. 

Phonak is a trusted hearing aid brand with a wide variety of authorized distributors located in different parts of the world.

Phonak Roger Technology

Phonak is the first company in the industry to produce RogerDirect technology, which is an innovation that permits microphones to stream directly to hearing aids.  An audiologist can fit a hearing aid with a Roger receiver, which gives the device the potential to improve its performance at longer distances and in noisier environments without requiring the use of an additional external receiver.

Improved speech understanding with Roger Technology

With Roger technology, the loudness of the microphone is adjusted accordingly through the ongoing analysis of background noise levels. In the event that the noise level rises, Roger takes the appropriate action, which allows the device to keep the speaker’s speech audible and undistorted despite the presence of background noise. Phonak hearing aid wearers equipped with Roger technology are able to comprehend roughly 10 times better even in noisy environments and at greater distances than people with normal hearing.

Easier group discussions with MultiBeam Technology

Even with the assistance of hearing aids, some people may still have difficulty taking part in group conversations, particularly when more than one person is speaking at the same time. This issue is addressed by the MultiBeam Technology that is included in the Phonak Roger Technology.

In the context of group engagements, the MultiBeam Technology provides exceptional voice understanding. You may effortlessly record voice from all 360 degrees by using a number of microphones arranged in six different orientations. After the audio has been captured, it is then measured and processed so that an automatic determination may be made as to which direction has the clearest sound. Because of this, you are able to hear significant speech regardless of where they come from. With Roger MultiBeam Technology, voice understanding can improve by up to 61% even in the loudest of group chat environments.

In addition, certain Phonak hearing aids can connect to the MultiTalker Network, which gives you access to different speakers regardless of the listening ambiance. This fully automatic technology is exclusively available with Roger and Phonak hearing aids.

Phonak Hearing Aids 2022

Phonak Audéo™ Lumity

Phonak’s impressive portfolio of hearing aids has been updated with the addition of their brand-new Audeo Lumity model. It carries Phonak’s proprietary SmartSpeech Technology, which improves one’s ability to understand spoken language. Appreciate the people talking around you, and benefit from hearing that is clear and unimpeded in every listening environment.

Because of its universal connectivity, the Phonak Lumity is simple to pair with the many of today’s smart gadgets. When you use Phonak Lumity, you can connect two Bluetooth-enabled devices at the same time while still making calls without having to use your hands. Additionally, you are able to link up to eight devices that support Bluetooth.

Phonak Audeo Fit™

The newest addition to the Phonak Paradise line of products, Audeo Fit, is a hearing aid that not only enhances users’ hearing but also contributes to their entire health and well-being. Through Phonak Audeo Fit, keeping tabs on one’s health is easier. It acts more than a hearing aid, with a heart rate sensor that can measure a range of different intensities of physical activity. When used with myPhonak app, Audéo Fit inspires users to engage in more physically active behaviors, fostering an improved sense of well-being. 

Phonak Audéo Life

Phonak Audeo Life is the world’s first rechargeable and waterproof hearing aid, equipped with Audeo Paradise’s incredible hearing capabilities with a durable casing that provides flexible protection against perspiration and moisture. Audeo Life also features important health performance indicators that can assist you in reaching your wellness goals, such as your heart rate, the number of steps you take each day, and your overall level of physical activity.

Phonak Vitus, Vitus+

In addition to providing improved speech comprehension in noisy surroundings, the Phonak Vitus delivers exceptional audio and listening performance. Phonak’s Everyday Automatic technology, which is specific to the Vitus+, automatically improves speech understanding in challenging environments, in contrast to hearing devices that require manual programming.

Phonak Audéo™ Paradise

The Audéo Paradise offers an impressively high level of hearing performance together with a bunch of high-end features. Phonak Paradise Technology is designed to produce sound that is as close to natural hearing as possible, regardless of the listening setting. It comes with an ActiveVent Receiver, a new speaker system that features a mechanical vent that improves hearing performance while also correctly reproducing your own speech. It is powered by the first smart hearing aid speaker in the world, which was developed to improve listening and voice understanding in even the most difficult listening environments.

Phonak Naída™ Paradise

The Phonak Naida Paradise is a sturdy and strong set of over-the-ear headphones that provides clear sound, reliable connectivity with smartphones through a dependable app suite. It has three primary functions—Dynamic Noise Cancellation, Speech Enhancer, Motion Sensor Hearing —to offer a robust and outstanding hearing experience. 

Phonak CROS P

Phonak CROS P was developed to work with the Audeo Paradise hearing aids to help people with one-sided hearing loss. Through the technology of Phonak CROS P, you don’t need to move closer to the speaker using your better hearing ear. Experience highly-improved sound perception regardless where speech and sounds are coming from.

Phonak Virto™ Paradise

The Virto Paradise enables universal connectivity, which paves the way for uncomplicated connections to a variety of devices including smart phones, Roger devices, TVs, and more. Virto Paradise is powered by Phonak’s Speech Enhancer function, which boosts low-volume speech and automatically separates music, speech, and other noises for an improved listening experience. 

Sky Link M can be used with the pediatric sound processor offered by Advanced Bionics (AB). It is a bimodal hearing aid that provides kids with the vital sounds they need for learning and growth. Children who are preparing for the implantation of a cochlear implant would benefit tremendously from using this device.

The Sky Link M is suitable with the vast majority of Bluetooth®*-enabled smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Through the use of RogerDirect, Roger microphones are able to transmit sound directly to Sky Link M hearing aids, even in the absence of a separate receiver.

With Roger Technology, Phonak Naida hearing aid makes it easier to understand speech over long distances and noisy surroundings effortlessly. With an IP68 rating, the Phonak Naida is resistant to moisture and dust, earning it the reputation as the most dependable power hearing aid.

Phonak Virto™ P-Titanium

The third generation of the Virto Paradise Titanium is 15 times more durable than acrylic. It is the first hearing aid ever to be constructed entirely out of titanium. The Virto Paradise Titanium is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a hearing aid that is discreet, powerful, and compact.


Hearing aids that are more conventional take in and process sound from the outside. Hearing aids designed by Lyric take advantage of the ear’s natural architecture to improve sound amplification and create a more natural listening experience. The Lyric hearing aids need to be inserted into the ear canal by an audiologist. Lyric is available via subscription.

Bolero™ Marvel

The Phonak Bolero is a hearing aid that is meant to treat moderate to severe hearing loss. It provides a wide range of capabilities, the highest level of dependability, and an acoustic experience that is both clear and profound. Phonak Bolero Marvel is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and other Bluetooth®-compatible devices. 

Phonak Hearing Aid Apps

  • myPhonak
  • myPhonak Junior

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