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Custom Sleeves For AirPods and Ear Buds

So if you’re like me, and you have tiny ear canals,  all you have to do is lean forward for your AirPods to get loose and pop out of your ears, sending you into a panicked frenzy searching for them! 

One of the most frustrating things about wearing air pods or earbuds is not having them stay in place, especially as I multitask, walk around, or try to work out at the gym.  

After making some of my patients’ custom earplugs sleeves, I realized I wanted to have the same listening experience they were having, and so I had a set made for my ears.  My fit and quality of sound issues went away.  Magic.  

How does that work? To make custom AirPod sleeves, take an impression of your ears, send it to a lab that creates sleeves made to the shape of your ears and built to the particular earbuds you use (this can be for AirPods, Bose, or virtually any earbuds you use). 

Because the sleeves are custom to your ears and earbuds, they fit like a glove, never coming loose, and never falling out.  The sound quality is superior, because of their precise physical fit.  For music lovers like me, it’s a real game-changer!

Why should you get custom ear tips for your ear buds?

Custom ear impressions, such as earmolds made specifically for your AirPods or other earphones, offer several benefits due to their personalized fit. Here’s an expanded explanation of the advantages:

1. Perfect Fit: Custom ear impressions are made to match the unique shape and contours of your ears. This personalized fit ensures that the earmolds fit snugly and comfortably, providing a secure and stable fit. They stay in place, even during active movements, and do not fall out of your ear canals, eliminating the possibility of losing them because they were too loose in your ears.   

2. Enhanced Sound Quality: With custom earmolds, you can experience improved sound quality. The precise fit and seal created by the earmolds help to block out external noise and prevent sound leakage. This enhances the bass response, clarity, and overall audio experience, allowing you to fully enjoy your music or audio content.

3. Noise Isolation: The custom fit of earmolds provides effective noise isolation. By creating a seal in your ear canal, they act as a barrier to external noise, reducing ambient sounds and distractions. This is particularly beneficial in noisy environments, such as during workouts or while traveling on airplanes, as it allows you to focus on your music or audio without interference.

4. Comfort and Long-Term Wear: Custom earmolds are designed with your comfort in mind. They are made from materials that are soft, hypoallergenic, and gentle on the skin. The earmolds are created to fit your ear canal precisely, eliminating any discomfort or pressure points that can arise from ill-fitting or generic ear tips. This makes them suitable for extended periods of wear, such as during long flights or extended listening sessions.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing: In addition to the functional benefits, custom earmolds can also be visually appealing. Some providers offer a range of colors and customization options, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your earmolds. This adds a touch of style and uniqueness to your earphones.

It’s important to note that the cost of custom earmolds can vary depending on factors such as the provider, materials used, and any additional services or features included. It’s recommended to reach out to local providers or professionals who offer custom ear impression services to inquire about pricing and discuss your specific needs.

How do you make custom earbud tips?

First, an audiologist takes an impression of your ears.  We do this by placing a cotton or foam plug in your ear before syringing a two-part silicone material.  Once it fills up your ear canals, concha bowl, and top of your ear, it will take about five minutes to set (firm up). 

We then remove it and send it to an earmold lab, which scans your impressions digitally and models your custom sleeves based on the unique landmarks of your ears as well as the earbuds you use (the earbuds need to be sent in with your ear impressions to the lab).  The final product should essentially “fit like a glove.”

What material is used for ear mold impressions?

Ear mold impressions are typically made using a two-part silicone-based impression material. This material is safe, comfortable, and widely used in the field of audiology for creating custom ear molds for various purposes such as hearing aids, musician in-ear monitors, or specialized ear protection.

How much do custom ear impressions cost?

In our office, ear impressions are $75 per ear, and the custom sleeves are $179 for the custom sleeves,  Shipping is an additional $20-$30.  Reach out to us if you have additional questions.  

More Frequently Asked Questions:

Why won’t my earbuds stay in my ear?

If your earbuds won’t stay in your ear, it can be frustrating and affect your listening experience. Here are a few possible reasons why your earbuds may not stay in place:

1. Wrong Ear Tip Size: Earbuds often come with multiple sizes of ear tips to accommodate different ear shapes and sizes. If the ear tips are too large or too small for your ears, they may not create a proper seal or fit securely. Try switching to a different size of ear tips to see if that improves the fit. 

2. Shallow Insertion: Proper insertion is crucial for a secure fit. If you insert the earbuds too shallowly into your ear canal, they may not stay in place. Make sure you push the earbuds in until they sit snugly in your ears. You can also try twisting them slightly to lock them in position.

3. Ear Wax or Moisture: A buildup of ear wax or moisture in your ear can affect the fit of your earbuds. Clean your ears regularly and ensure they are dry before inserting the earbuds. If necessary, clean the ear tips of your earbuds to remove any debris that might be affecting the fit. 

4. Ear Shape: Everyone’s ears are unique, and some ear shapes may not be compatible with certain types of earbuds. If you consistently have trouble with earbuds staying in your ears, you might consider trying different styles or brands that are designed to provide a more secure fit.

5. Activity or Movement: Certain activities or movements, like running or vigorous exercise, can cause earbuds to dislodge more easily. In such cases, using earbuds specifically designed for sports or activities, which come with additional support features like ear hooks or stabilizers, can help them stay in place.

6. Aging or Damaged Earbuds: Over time, the materials of the earbuds can degrade, losing their grip or flexibility. If your earbuds are old or damaged, they may not stay in your ears as securely as they used to. In such cases, replacing the earbuds with a new pair might be necessary.

If you’ve tried the above suggestions and are still having difficulty keeping your earbuds in your ears, it may be beneficial to consult with an audiologist or try alternative types of headphones or earphones that are better suited to your specific ear shape and needs.

Get Custom Earmolds In Lawrenceville, NJ

When you’re tired of your AirPods/earbuds falling out of your ears, reach out to us to get scheduled for an ear impression for custom earbud sleeves. Once you try them, there is no going back! You can schedule online or call the office!  

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