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Proud Partner of Hearing The Call: A Humanitarian Initiative

Dr. Battat is proud to be part of a local and global humanitarian initiative, Hearing The Call. Hearing The Call is an organization that serves local as well as international communities, with trips to Zambia, Guatemala, Mozambique, Ecuador, and Jordan, among several other locations. It functions to provide immediate hearing healthcare access to those with no access to hearing healthcare globally. Its mission is also to train, educate, and equip caregivers on-site to create sustainable hearing care to the areas served.

Hearing Smiles. Pure magic.

The first few moments after hearing aids are activated on a child that has never had access to hearing are pure magic. At first, they are confused, and then once they realize they are hearing the words you are speaking, a smile and sometimes giggles ensue. You can’t help but smile and laugh yourself. This is the drug that keeps us coming back for more. We call it a “hearing smile” and it is everything. Tune in to our short video to share in these pure moments of joy.

For our humanitarian Hearing The Call patients, hearing again is not simply a quality of life issue, but life-changing. Our patients on this recent trip to Jordan shared with us their stories and dreams. They want to hear in school classrooms, they want to hold jobs, they want to meet others and marry, and they want to hear their friends, family, and loved ones. You can’t help but feel honored to help them realize their life’s dreams.

To support our local humanitarian efforts, please donate to: https://www.hearingthecall.org/centraljersey/

Our Story

As a small independent practice, we care about the lives of all who walk through our door, and we strongly believe that no one should be deprived of access to hearing better simply because they are financially disadvantaged.  We believe better hearing empowers individuals to pursue life goals with more confidence, including entering or re-entering the professional workplace with confidence, and personal relationships.  Our hope is that our campaign brings hope and healing to the hearing impaired locally.

Our Mission

Our desire is to bridge the gap for qualified individuals in New Jersey who cannot access audiologic care due to financial need.

Our Promise

Our promise is our passion, which is to provide hearing care to low income and under-served individuals so that they can participate fully in their lives (without straining to hear) to maintain their professional and personal relationships.

Our Vision

Our vision is that NO PERSON is prevented from full participation in life due to hearing loss.

The Need

1 in 5 Americans suffer from hearing loss to an extent that interferes with communication. Hearing loss is an invisible ailment that often goes unrecognized, untreated, and underfunded by state and federal programs. Medicare and most insurance carriers do not cover the cost of hearing aids or the necessary programming and follow-up care by audiologists. Hearing aids typically cost $3000-$6000 per pair, which makes access to care difficult for low-income individuals.

Our Give Back Model

We are not a free clinic. We operate on a reduced fee schedule to make hearing healthcare affordable for individuals and families with incomes up to 250% of the federal poverty level. Qualified participants will show proof of financial need, pay a small fee for their new hearing devices, and give back volunteer hours in our community as a way to say “Thank You” to local businesses, families and friends who are donating for their care.

Our Services

  • Reduced Fee, Sliding Scale Hearing Clinic for families with incomes up to 250% Federal Poverty Level
  • Hearing Aid Donation Program collects used hearing aids for use on missions, non-profit work, repairs or credit towards better technology.
  • International Hearing Missions.