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Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron is a well-known and acclaimed maker of hearing aids all over the world. The company was founded in 1964 in Canada. Unitron takes great pride in its long history of business success and its dedication to providing customers with high-quality hearing solutions that excel in terms of performance, design, and comfort.

Unitron hearing aids are designed with a high level of personalization and comfort in mind. The brand’s guiding principle is to make certain that the users’ needs are met in every area of their hearing care journey.

Unitron Hearing Aid Technology


Unitron hearing aids under the Blu platform have an advanced signal processing technology that provides connectivity to all available platforms and enables seamless personalization, resulting in a smooth listening experience that is ideal for everyday usage.

Discover Next

Discover Next is an awesome platform that was developed specifically for people who have never used a hearing aid before. It is controlled by the Automatic Adaptation Manager (AAM) from Unitron, which makes adjustments to the loudness and transparency flawlessly so that first-time hearing aid users can feel more at ease. 


Unitron hearing aids running on the Tempus platform offer a sophisticated solution that puts you in complete command of the way you experience sound whether listening to music or audio. You are certain to hear what is most important to you with a sound that is both clear and natural, regardless of whether you are eating in a crowded restaurant or unwinding in a small, quiet coffee shop.

Unitron Hearing Aids 2022


SoundCore technology powers Unitron Moxi hearing aids, combining four smart components to comprehend different listening environments and generate modifications that are automatic and seamless for a more comfortable and intelligent hearing experience. 

  • Moxi All
  • Moxi Now
  • Moxi Fit
  • Moxi All R
  • Moxi Kiss
  • Moxi Dura
  • Moxi Fit R

Shine Rev

Unitron Shine Rev hearing aids gives you access to best-in-class features that synchroniously work together to provide clear and natural hearing. Available in behind-the-ear and in-the-ear models. Through AutoMic, Shine Rev hearing aids are capable of isolating and reducing unwanted noise and pick up sounds and speech that you shouldn’t miss out on.

  • Shine Rev M
  • Shine Rev S & HPm
  • Shine Rev HP


Unitron Stride offers more than just a beautifully built hearing device. Driven by the Tempus platform, Unitron Stride hearing aids have an intelligent control system in addition to a comfortable fit. It is also powered by SoundCore, allowing you to take part in a variety of listening scenarios while maintaining effortless and relaxed hearing.

  • Stride M R
  • Stride M
  • Stride P
  • Stride P Dura


If you are diagnosed with severe to profound hearing loss, Unitron Max is an excellent choice for you to consider. You have the ability to access settings under Unitron Max’s Super Power presets that can be modified to suit your individual preferences in terms of how music should sound. The Unitron Max is a powerful hearing aid, but it is also equipped with intelligence sufficient to prevent excessive amplification.

  • Max SP
  • Max UP


Unitron Insera makes speech easier to understand by employing sounds that are unaltered from their original state and providing remarkable directionality in custom housings. Unitron Insera is available in full shell, half shell, IIC, CIC, mini canal, and mini canal directional. 

Unitron Hearing Aid Apps

Unitron Remote Plus app

The Unitron Remote Plus app offers a variety of customization settings for your Unitron hearing aid. Adjust how your hearing aids sound just the way you want it and send feedback directly to your hearing healthcare provider so it will be easier to achieve your preferred hearing preferences on your next visit.

Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Remote Plus app
  • TV Connector
  • Remote Control
  • Remote control 2
  • IIC remote
  • uStream
  • uDirect 3
  • uDirect 2
  • uMic
  • uTV 3
  • uTV 2
  • iCube II
  • Smart Control Remote

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Better hearing starts with the decision to see an audiologist and get fitted with the ideal hearing aid to suit your specific hearing loss and lifestyle. 

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