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Hearing Smiles

This is Dalette. Three weeks ago, at a Hearing the Call Delaware event, he was fit with new hearing aids. He had been pretty quiet through the intake, wax removal, and casual talk while we set up his hearing aids. His older brother and caretaker (pictured to the right) did much of the talking. The moment they were programmed and “live”, Dalette started laughing and clapping excitedly. It was the most joyful moment of the day. We all started smiling and laughing with him, happy to see him show us who he truly is and how social he wanted to be. He then started asking for his niece and nephew and said he couldn’t wait to see [and hear] them.

Magical moments are happening all over the country (and the world) at our Hearing The Call partner sites. Many of those who cannot easily access hearing care and hearing aids (like Dalette) due to financial constraints are given the opportunity to do so due to the big hearts of Hearing The Call, Doctors of Audiology, and because of generous donations from people like you. People like you believe in impacting the lives of others, even with small donations and acts of kindness.

Contribute to a hearing smile here: https://www.hearingthecall.org/centraljersey/

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