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All the Reasons Why

Every so often, someone asks me how I got into the field of audiology.  I tell them, “well, I did start out with speech pathology, because I loved the idea of facilitating how people communicate with each other. “ As I began taking audiology courses alongside my speech pathology courses, I realized that effective communication had much to do with listening.  I was drawn to help others hear one another, because at the heart of truly hearing one another, we build and strengthen our relationships and how we relate to our world.

Every day, I am truly grateful for being guided into this field, because often times, I am reminded of:

How beautiful it is to see an adult daughter tear up when her mom can hear her whisper as she is sitting next to her (I am always tearing up too!)

The moment it dawns on a father that his son wasn’t ignoring him, but actually didn’t hear him in the first place.  Eye-opening moments like these always humble me.

How Mr. Smith, a previous airline pilot, smiles at the sounds of leaves rustling on the street.  “I don’t mind it,” he tells me with a grin, “because I haven’t heard it for the last 30 some-odd years”.

The relief of my 50 year old patient in re-joining staff meetings with confidence, with little to no second guessing.

How much easier it is to enjoy a yoga instructor’s quiet speech in a large studio.  Something as simple as an assistive device can provide a person with such joy and fulfillment.


Most of all, I am grateful to be able to connect with so many that come through my door, and learn about who they are, who they were, and how fully they want to continue living their lives.   They are all my teachers, and for that, I am honored.

The field of audiology has given back to me so much more than I have offered it.   I would not have known this when I first entered it, but each day I am reminded of all the reasons why.

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